#1 Rule to Cooking like a Chef


A lot of people are intimidated by cooking and some stay away from the kitchen all together. In this day and age, there are tons of cooking shows and complicated recipes that can make some people feel overwhelmed. So, they just throw in the towel and are content with the fact that they aren’t good cooks! They are doomed to eat out every night or have other people cook for them.

An important rule of thumb that I have learned through my food journey is that sometimes the simplest things taste the best! Ready to learn my secret? Storing your food properly is vital to tasting your food at it’s peak of yumminess!

Most people have learned how to store their food from their parents or their parents before them. Ages ago, refrigeration was a huge breakthrough and it allowed people to store their food longer before it became spoiled. Over the years, we’ve learned that storing some items in the refrigerator destroys the flavor. Maybe this whole time you’ve stored your tomatoes in the refrigerator thinking you didn’t want them to spoil… but, if you left them on the counter, you will notice how sweet, juicy and spicy they are really supposed to taste.

So do yourself a favor… even if you still are not keen on the idea of cooking, at least make sure and enjoy your food like it is supposed to taste. FitLive.tv put this nifty chart together that I love! Put this list on your refrigerator and glance at it when you come home from the grocery store. Enjoy!

Courtesy of FitLive.tv

Courtesy of FitLive.tv

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