NELI & BEIDI – Product Review

I was given the opportunity to review this Texas-owned coconut water company called Neli and Beidi, right here in League City, Texas. Since, I’m a big fan of using coconut water daily for my protein shakes, I was curious if they were any different from other coconut water brands I’ve used in the past. Not mentioning other specific coconut water brands I have tried, but they sometimes had a strange taste. I tried all the Neli and Beidi flavors and every one had a crisp refreshing taste. My favorite was the watermelon flavor because it reminded me of sitting on the beach listening to the ocean. My hubby is a gym head and drinking these after his workout definitely quenched his thirst and got him hydrated faster than his other sports drinks. I definitely recommend trying the Neli and Beidi Coconut Water and I promise you fall in love with them not to mention support our own Texas companies. They are available at all HEB stores so make sure you pick up a 4 pack at your next grocery run!

This Texas-based, Texas-owned company is stirring up the natural food and beverage sector. With no concentrates, sugar, or additives, this coconut water is All Natural and boasts AHH-MA-ZING Flavor.

• 4 Delicious Flavors: Natural, Strawberry, Watermelon and Banana.
• Preferred Taste: Very Clean Pleasant Taste with Just a Hint of Fruit Flavor.
• No Concentrate Used; All Natural Product.
• No Artificial Colors Flavors or Additives.
• No Added Sugar and Zero Cholesterol.
• Unique Curved Glass Bottles Maintain Flavor Better than Plastic, Cans or Carton.
• Texas Based and Texas Owned MBE Enterprise.
• Neli and Beidi Donates 1% to Childhood Hunger and Obesity Causes.
• Made in a Dedicated State-of-Art Facility; HACCP, FDA, HALAl & ISO certified.

• Coconut Water Sales Exceed 1 Billion Dollars and is One of the Fastest Growing Products in the Grocery Aisle.
• Coconut Water is Naturally Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher & Parve.
• Real Coconut Water has 5 Electrolytes and More Potassium than 2 Bananas!

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