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New Trailer for DOWNSIZING!

Great looking cast. DOWNSIZING is definitely on my watch list. Check out the newest trailer…it hits theaters December 22. DOWNSIZING Official Channels Hashtag: #Downsizing Facebook: /DownsizingFilm Twitter: @DownsizingFilm Instagram: @DownsizingFilm Website: DownsizingMovie.com

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November 3, 2017

Movie News: The Fall 2017 Theater Bucket List

The Fall 2017 Theater Bucket List There’s nothing like watching a movie in a theater. No television set can match the big screen, the powerful sound system, the intensity, energy and the uninterrupted focus you can experience in a dark room full of movie fans. As the year starts winding down, you’ll have many options…

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September 19, 2017