TRANSFORMERS Thursday ‘Age Of Extinction’ – Travel Edition

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

This Friday, June 27th, Paramount Pictures releases one of the most anticipated action-adventures of the summer, TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, starring Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor is the fourth movie in this blockbuster franchise and is directed by Michael Bay and executive produced by Stephen Spielberg. In anticipation for the upcoming release let’s explore the beautiful places where the film was shot and check out a few awesome ‘Things To Do’ if you decide to travel to the following locations.


Chongqing China2

Chongqing, China
HOTPOT: Chongqing is famous for Hotpot which is believed to have originated here. Hotpot is a large pot which is divided into two sections which both contain a liquid (a soup made from fish or chicken), one tends to be spicy and the other mild. You have basic ingredients (beef, pork, vegetables) on plates which are raw, you then place the ingredients into the pot and cook them.

GHOST CITY OF FENGDU: Fengdu is of some interest as a tourist site and I imagine of interest if you are of that religion. The temple is on top of a hill on the Yangtze river. You can climb a stairway (700 steps) of buy a place on a mechanized chair lift for almost nothing, I beleive it was 10-15 yuans ($2). The ride is amusing, the view is great, the temple is very old and the Buddahs could use a refreshing coat of golden paint.

Hong Kong China1

Hong Kong, China
HONG KONG SKYLINES: In its 2010 online publication of the worlds best 20 skylines, Hong Kong topped New York City as having the best skyline in the world, CNN saying that Hong Kong makes the picture-perfect two-dimensional skyline both during the day and night. With iconic buildings set before the majestic Victoria Peak in the background, Hong Kong barely topped its only true rival, New York City and the Manhattan Skyline.

TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET: The liveliest night market in Hong Kong, Temple St extends from Man Ming Lane in the north to Nanking St in the south and is cut in two by the Tin Hau temple complex. While you may find better bargains further north in New Kowloon, and certainly over the border in Shenzhen, it is still a good place to go for the bustling atmosphere and the smells and tastes on offer from the dai pai dong (open-air street stall) food.

Chicago Illinois1

Chicago, Illinois
MILLENNIUM PARK: Rising boldly by the lakefront, Millennium Park is a treasure trove of free and arty sights. Frank Gehry’s 120ft-high swooping silver band shell anchors what is, in essence, an outdoor modern design gallery. It includes Jaume Plensa’s 50ft-high Crown Fountain , which projects video images of locals spitting water, gargoyle style; the Gehry-designed BP Bridge that spans Columbus Dr and offers great skyline views; and the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink that fills with skaters in winter (and alfresco diners in summer). The newest installment is the Nichols Bridgeway that arches from the park up to the Art Institute’s 3rd-floor contemporary sculpture garden (free to view).

CHINATOWN: Chinatown’s charm is best enjoyed by going from bakery to bakery, nibbling chestnut cakes and almond cookies, then shopping for Hello Kitty trinkets and tea in the small shops. Old Chinatown stretches along Wentworth Ave south of Cermak, and is the neighborhood’s traditional retail heart (and a good place to purchase a turtle). Chinatown Square , along Archer Ave north of Cermak, is the newer commerce district; it’s filled with restaurants and is at its wonderful noisiest on weekends.

Austin Texas1

Austin, Texas
STUBB’S BAR-B-Q: Stubb’s has live music almost every night, with a great mix of premier local and touring acts from across the musical spectrum. Many warm-weather shows are held out back along Waller Creek. There are two stages, a smaller stage indoors and a larger backyard venue.

TEXAS STATE CAPITAL: Built in 1888 from sunset-red granite, this state capitol is the largest in the US, backing up the ubiquitous claim that everything is bigger in Texas. If nothing else, take a peek at the lovely rotunda and try out the whispering gallery created by its curved ceiling.

Mountain Valley Utah1

Mountain Valley, Utah
MONUMENT VALLEY NAVAJO TRIBAL PARK: An absolutely beautiful place to visit in the winter – in a 4WD drive vehicle, of course (or on tour). If you want to avoid the crowds and see some lovely sunsets (and sunrises), stop here in winter.

NAVAJO SPIRIT TOURS: Our guides will take you on an adventure through a land full of Beauty and Mystery. Navajo Spirit Tours is dedicated to sharing culture, history, geology and archaeology of the area. It is important to us that you feel as though you are part of Monument Valley and not just a visitor.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Watch TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION in theatres this FRIDAY, June 27th!

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