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Robert Irvine, Genevieve Gorder and Gary Sinise Surprise U.S. Soldier with Home Renovation
Special to Air Across All Six Scripps Networks Interactive Networks on Tuesday, November 11th

In this one of a kind, television special, that combines tears of joy with life transformation and incredible acts of kindness, A Hero’s Welcome premiering Tuesday, November 11th, aims to honor one of our nation’s most deserving heroes in the biggest, most emotional, and most memorable way imaginable. After serving his country for over 25 years and recovering from life-threatening injuries, Staff Sergeant Tony Woods is preparing to retire from the military. He will return home to discover, with the help of Food Network’s Robert Irvine, HGTV’s Genevieve Gorder and award-winning actor, humanitarian Gary Sinise, founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation, a completely renovated house for Tony and his family to retire comfortably. Airing on Veterans Day across all six Scripps Networks Interactive lifestyle channels: Food Network, HGTV, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Travel Channel and Great American Country, audiences will witness all of the surprises and emotions as the team races around the clock to make sure they are ready to say “Welcome Home!”

Staff Sergeant Tony Woods selflessly served his country for over two decades. While in Iraq, he was severely injured by an improvised explosive device, landing Tony in a coma for 45 days. When he woke, he went right back to serving. But what Tony does when he is home, makes him truly extraordinary. Along with his wife, Joedi, they open up their home in Oahu, Hawaii to children in need of loving parents, fostering as many kids as their house can hold. Now it is time for Tony and his family to be thanked in the way they deserve.

With Tony away, and totally unaware of what is about to transpire, Robert Irvine works to organize the neighborhood, along with the help of Genevieve Gorder, to renovate Tony’s home. The clock is ticking fast and furiously as the pressure mounts to get this all done and throw Tony a welcome home celebration in just a few days. Staff Sergeant Woods, accompanied by Gary Sinise, will return to witness one of the biggest transformations Robert and Genevieve have ever accomplished – a transformation deserving of a hero!

But the team doesn’t stop there in honoring and recognizing our nation’s heroes for all they have sacrificed and accomplished. During the makeover, Robert heads to Germany to visit the Kaiserslautern Military Community, which has the highest concentration of U.S. soldiers and servicemen abroad, where his new mission will start – bringing overseas soldiers a delicious meal, courtesy of Marie Callender’s Comforts from Home project, which aims to bring the comforts from home to those who miss it most – our nation’s troops overseas. Robert will entertain our brave servicemen, complete with chicken pot pies and a classic American feast. To learn more about Marie Callender’s Comforts from Home, please visit

Staff Sergeant Tony Woods, Robert Irvine and Gary Sinise

Tune in on Veterans Day, November 11th, at the below times, to witness the heartwarming special:
• Tuesday, November 11th at 9pm/8pm CT on Food Network
• Tuesday, November 11th at 10pm/9pm CT on Cooking Channel
• Tuesday, November 11th at 10pm/9pm CT on Great American Country
• Tuesday, November 11th at 11pm/10pm CT on HGTV
• Tuesday, November 11th at 11pm/10pm CT on DIY Network
• Tuesday, November 11th at 11pm/10pm CT on Travel Channel

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