CARTEL LAND, a film by Matthew Heineman and Executive Produced by Kathryn Bigelow opens TODAY at Sundance Cinemas Houston. With unprecedented access, CARTEL LAND is a riveting, on-the-ground look at the journeys of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy – the murderous Mexican drug cartels.

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My thoughts of what this film was really about changed immediately the first five minutes of viewing the movie. The despair and hurt these people feel living everyday life is heart-breaking! You are brought to tears due to how much anguish this country undertakes on a daily basis and they have nowhere to turn. This movie takes you on a wave of emotions leaving you feeling the same way you did at the beginning of the film… complete hopelessness! The horrible acts that the cartel freely get away with angers you beyond belief and you are just baffled how can this go on. “In the Mexican state of Michoacán, Dr. Jose Mireles, a small-town physician known as “El Doctor,” leads the Autodefensas, a citizen uprising against the violent Knights Templar drug cartel that has wreaked havoc on the region for years.” You want to associate with these vigilantes that are fighting against the cartel because you truly hope there is some good people in this world; but you are only left empty handed since the corruption is so strong. They dissipate and become overrun by the same people they are fighting against. Everyone… and I mean everyone is paid off by the cartel. You either side with them or you live in fear of them… there is no middle ground. The film makes you truly aware of what real life is like in Mexico. The film is so intense you can feel the bullets flying by your head. People have their own opinion about illegal aliens coming to the US but watching this film will make you change your thoughts drastically if you are any kind of human being. If I were living in that country, I would do everything in my power to get my family away from there by any means necessary. This film a must see especially since this is happening in our own backyard!

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